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Shopping malls, as a shopping center integrating daily consumption, shopping and entertainment, how to provide users with time-saving and efficient shopping guidance, how to guide the location for customers, choose the route of the favorite brand, and the floors for tasting food.

In the traditional shopping mall navigation system model, shopping malls are still accustomed to static signs, paper promotional materials, and brochures, which are limited to flat display. The biggest disadvantage is that it consumes time and money and cannot solve various customer problems well.

Shopping malls under new retail need to guide shopping, which not only saves time and efficiency, but also promotes corporate culture and establishes a commercial image of the mall. Kabob products can help shopping malls transform and make shopping more convenient.


For customers, music has greater appeal and transmission power, and has a great effect on regulating the mind. For shopping malls, the playing of music is very important.

Voicer provides a simple operation background, and the chain brand headquarters can set and manage the music playlist. It can be set to play different background music/broadcast messages every seven days to meet the needs of different time periods in the store. In the morning, you can play active and fast-paced music to drive the enthusiasm of shopping guides and customers' buying enthusiasm. In the afternoon, you can play soothing music to adjust your mood. On the other hand, Voicer can also set up a promotion broadcast schedule, and the administrator can set the store broadcast message in the background, and set the broadcast start and end time/broadcast frequency based on the need of the store.


For shopping malls, it is also important to effectively control the number of people in the area. Mimi integrates digital signage, which can help department store administrators to instantly view the density of each area, provide real-time feedback and remind on-site personnel, and effectively control the number of people in the area. In department stores under the new epidemic, decentralized shopping is also customer's safety requirements for the environment.


Kiosk provides mall managers with a simple and easy-to-operate background, providing language management and branch management. You can change brand information instantly according to actual needs, edit branch building information, contact information, business hours, transportation, and information about various activities in the mall, including event pictures, event name, event location, event description, and event time. Kiosk provides multi-branch setting of department stores, which is convenient for the unified management of the group. To shape a smart shopping mall, Kiosk will help you achieve it.


Face recognition intelligent perception application, point-to-point touch navigation in Kiosk, there are special functions, using AI + face to run face recognition, different groups of people close to the machine will present product recommendations, improve the efficiency of department stores, and turn customer flow into consumption , reconstruct the consumption trend, let the target consumers form consumption, and turn shopping consumers into explosive consumption.


For shopping malls, training is a catalyst for their own metabolism and continuous development. Teachor training manual can quickly set up an enterprise online training center in a short period of time, improve the training intensity of enterprise employees, and enable them to adapt to new changes faster and better. Establishing training documents and tests to make employees familiar with the work process and content.

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