A New Type of Sales Strategy for Hypermarket


As a store manager, the first priority is to improve customer consumption experience, effectively market their own brands, and ultimately achieve the goal of promoting buying and increasing turnover. After the goal is set, the most cost-effective method must be adopted in many projects. This is the reason why workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well. The original intention of kabob was to solve the operation problems of traditional stores, hoping to use technology to help store operators manage stores and market products more effectively.

Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station

Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station is a tool to let you do branding, electronic catalogs, and event management to meet the needs of store operators. In terms of brand and electronic catalog management, the industry can quickly edit brand feature descriptions, visual maps, and catalog maps in the background, and easily manage multiple brands at a time. In terms of event management, when the store is about to hold a tasting event, the industry can create events in the background content and publish them. When consumers come to patronize, they can see the event and achieve the purpose of promotion. In terms of visual presentation, the simple and neat design allows consumers to see the brand content at a glance. The intuitive operation process also makes it easier for consumers to find information. When consumers have a good user experience is the first step for the industry to succeed in sales.

Lookr Cloud Digital Signage

Lookr cloud digital signage combines content editing and multi-device management to become the best tool for store management and marketing. Group and tag functions let you be able to improve management efficiency. It can also remotely perform real-time updates and multi-period content arrangement functions which allow businesses to easily change screen content according to the special needs of different periods. Through the touch functions, you can increase the interaction between store operators and consumers, indirectly stimulate consumers' buying desire. Whether you want to facilitate content management, market products to consumers, or enhance corporate image, Lookr cloud digital signage is available 24/7.

Mimi Social Density Alert

At the moment of the global epidemic spreading, all the stores want to avoid high crowds to reduce the risk of virus transmission. The Mimi Social Density Alert combined with the Lookr cloud digital signage can let your store personnel check the density of people in each area, provide immediate feedback and prompt managers, effectively control the number of people in the area, and implement the rules for maintaining social distance.

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