About Kabob Sea Otter Story


At Kabob, the sea otter is one of the important represent images of the company.

Sea otters seem cute and lazy, but they are one of the few marine mammals that can use tools.

They often hold stones and shellfish in front of their chests and use the stones to break the shellfish's shells in order to eat the shellfish for a living.

The image of sea otters holding skewers, symbolizing skewers as the best tool, gives the cute sea otters power.

Kabob uses a variety of different gadgets, from Lookr digital signage, Voicer music broadcasting system, to automation-related tools such as Tico queuing system, Tabble dining reservation, Bobo dynamic price tags.

Kabab also integrates remote device management of the Internet of Things which is the application of Devicer even artificial intelligence-related tools, such as Facer facial recognition advertising promotion and Wipor - empty table detection.

Kabob gathered the important elements required by chain stores and the products are able to empower the operation of various chain brands and make stores have a stronger perception power.

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