Automatic Operation line


In Automatic Operation line, Kabob using a variety of applications to solve various operation needs in retail stores and shopping mall, such as queuing, ordering, and guiding.

- Tico Waiting Number:

Quickly set up scenes of waiting number and getting meals in beverage shop or clinics, etc.

- Tico Service Reservation & Queuing:

Queuing and calling number, online reservation/service setting in medical, financial and other service places.

- Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting:

Assisting stores to integrate on-site / online reservation management and table arrangement.

- Bobo Sync Menu Board:

To remote control the item situation to be sold out or not, synchronizes the menu information in real time

- Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station:

With various template, content configuration and customized color, build up guiding style of shopping mall.

Kabob Automatic Operation Product Line, with its easy operation and flexible console setting, help owner free from the daily routine and reduce the operating costs. Further, it enhance the user experience of customer, strengthen stores competitiveness.

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