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There are many gourmet shops who think that choosing a place with a lot of customer flow is enough. This idea is not correct. Because although there is customer flow is huge, they did not consider whether the rent is within their own budget. In some commercial centers, rents can be quite high.

In many places, small gourmet shops often close down quickly. This not only influences owners’ mental state, but also causes a negative effect in the sales of the store. Therefore, many people are unable to continue to operate, and leading to shut down afterwards. Then why do so many shops experience this?

what are the reasons?

1. There is no correct location for the food court

2. The food tastes not very good and not authentic

3. There is no innovation in food

4. Food prices are too expensive

5. The decoration style of gourmet shops is poor and the environment is not adorable

Traditional food courts urgently need to be transformed into new food courts. The transformation of business formats and the small and beautiful popular catering model want to become prosperous again! Then this process will inevitably require a series of KABOB products to help you transform. In fact, consumers are still there, and what has changed is only the consumer understanding and consumer experience!


For food courts, the current main consumers are born in the 1980s. In addition to eating the food itself, when they go to a restaurant, it is more of a feeling of eating, so it is very important to render in the auditory aspect, and music is for customers who come to the store experience the value and taste of the brand. Voicer is the best tool for quick and unified management of stores. It is a super BGM housekeeper created for restaurants. It can insert music and promotional broadcast content at any time. It is easy to operate and powerful, supports cross-platform applications and mobile phones, easily manages and inserts content, has copyright management avoiding the risk of music infringement, and helps you quickly and easily customize your own store branded music library.


For food courts, Lookr is undoubtedly the best helper. It can quickly manage multiple screens, and set up video and picture carousel in the background. You can also update the display content regularly, Pre-arrange the daily schedule for each time period. Lookr enriches digital signage and enhances the value of the screen.


Tico is an amazing tool for food court providing simple queuing and multiple number-calling functions, which can be achieved on mobile phones and tablets, and personalized color themes can be freely matched. In addition to the original number calling system, this version adds a large screen in public area to collect the number calling status of the each store in food court, number calling status is clear at a glance. The counter can display single or multiple numbers, and the large-screen displayed in public area allows you to quickly check the progress of each counter.


For customers who are still waiting, stores in food court can also be equipped with Kiosk, with Lookr information release for device management, Kiosk can be used for querying food information, and waiting customers can use the application, such as in touch Screen/tablet computer, inquire food information in advance, improve consumer interaction.

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