Overview of Four Kabob Cloud 2022 Product Lines


In 2022, Kabob has four product lines to help our customer decrease the complexity of operation from each aspect.

Marketing & CMS line: Get material through Fafa omni channel publisher, manage the visual CMS via Lookr Digital Signage/ acoustic CMS via Voicer BGM Master, combine with Adder Integrator for SSP, user can complete all CMS and marketing tasks one-stop.

Automatic line: With automatic products, you don't need traditional time-costed ways anymore. Automatic products providing queuing, reservation and floor guidance resolution make store operation more efficient and enhance your competitiveness.

AIoT line: Through the connection of intelligent hardware and software applications, it provides comprehensive digitization, real-time Internet of Things services, eg. facial and movement detection, devices remote management, greatly improving store operation efficiency and beneficial results.

Staff Management line: A one-stop solution for human resources, can grasp staff attendance and training anytime, and support multi-terminals. Provide scientific, digital and intelligent human resources solutions and greatly save the enterprise operating costs.

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