Let Your Customers Have an Unforgettable Dining Experience with These Three Apps


Compared with front-end restaurants like fast-food stores, back-end restaurants need to provide much better service and environment than front-end restaurants due to different positioning. To run a good restaurant, it needs to let your customers have a perfect and unforgettable dining experience. Kabob's applications can provide diversified product services to help to improve the restaurants dining experiences. It can not only satisfy the taste buds of customers but also leave good memories in the hearts of customers.

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting app superior to the traditional waiting process. you can let your customers have to satisfy their feelings before arriving at the restaurant with this app. and it is the first step to a perfect dining experience for sure.

1. Online/QR code reservation: Customers do not need to actively contact the stores. They can just move their fingers and complete the entire reservation booking process easier.

2. 24-hour uninterrupted service: To solve the dilemma that no one can answer the reservation line during non-business hours, Tabble provide a 24-hour uninterrupted reservation waiting system, which can serve customers all the time.

3. Full control of customer information: Through the Tabble system, you can understand the customer's basic information or requirements before the customer arrives at the restaurant. The restaurant can be prepared in advance and make the customer feel the meticulous and considerate service when they arrive at the store.


Voicer BGM Master can help you with the second step of the perfect dining experience.

1. Background music management: You can easily develop a music library exclusively for your own restaurant brand, and avoid the risk of music infringement with legal copyright music management.

2. On-site audio control: You can easily change the appropriate music according to the restaurant atmosphere, or according to festivals, weather, etc. at any time.

3. Support for cross-platform applications: The mobile phone can turn into a remote control, which can immediately pause music playback, edit broadcast messages at any time, or insert it instantly.

Waitor Waiting Service Alert

Waitor Waiting Service Alert can sense the "hands up" physical movement to provide customers with timely and efficient service, which is the third step of a perfect dining experience.

1. Thoroughly greeting: Real-time monitoring of the situation of the whole restaurant, through the "hands up" physical movement detection, can help the store staff meet customer requirements in real-time.

2. Improve service efficiency: With the assistance of the camera, you can not only improve the work efficiency of the clerk but also save manpower expenditure.

3. Optimize the service process of the clerk:Waitor Waiting Service Alert can also fully record the service items and time spent for the restaurant to help optimize the overall operation process of the restaurant.

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