One-stop Service Enhances Restaurant Competitiveness


Fast food restaurants have sprung up like mushrooms following the changes in people's living habits and business patterns recently. Ambitious industrialists all want to seize business opportunities to achieve their careers. However, not everyone can become a leader in the market. Most latecomers must compete with other players to share the existing market pie. In this way, how to demonstrate the characteristics of their own stores and strengthen their operational capabilities to make a market Separation is very important. Kabob creative provides a one-stop multi-functional and diversified product service, covering all the needs of stores in a single sweep, helping the industry to increase competitiveness in a market surrounded by powerful enemies.

Lookr Cloud Digital Signage

Lookr cloud digital signage combines content editing and multi-device management to become the best tool for store management and marketing.

1. Multi-period content scheduling function: You can create a scheduled playlist according to the special needs of different periods, and change the content of the menu easily .

2. Content group and label function: Able to improve management efficiency and perform remote real-time updates.

3. Touch function: This system can help you increase the interaction between store operators and consumers and stimulate consumers' desire to buy indirectly. Whether you want to manage content easily, market products to consumers, or enhance your corporate image, Lookr cloud digital signage can provide your needs.

Bobo Sync Menu Board

Bobo Sync Menu Board makes product library management and a variety of version options easier for you, allowing operators to edit product prices easily and create exclusive store styles at the same time.

1. Commodity library classification function: Customize and create categories for breakfast, dinner, staple food, beverages, etc according to store needs. When editing price tags, you can import content from the commodity library directly, saving your time for repeated creation.

2. Variety of styles: We provide you 7 models of dynamic price tags.

Promotional images can be uploaded in bobo to highlight the store's exclusive style and create a visual feast. You can manage the prices of miscellaneous commodities more efficiently while deepening the impression of store style to consumers.

Tico Waiting Number

Tico Waiting Number integrates queuing context requirements for meal call numbers and provides printing, multi-call number items, and TTS text-to-speech functions to make the line up for meals orderly and more efficient.

1. Support POS machine docking and printing function: You can print receipts without replacing the existing POS system.

2. Clearly display the number of calls from multiple sources: In response to the multi-call function of orders from different sources, the source of the channel, such as internal use and take-out, is clearly displayed on the screen. In addition to allowing consumers to see the calling status at a glance, it also allows the industry to have more order processing in an orderly manner.

3. TTS text-to-speech function: It can clearly remind consumers of the call number, making the meal picking operation more efficient. The complicated queuing situation will let Tico do it for you at once.

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