The Three Stages and Start-up Concept of Kabob Creative


At Kabob Creative, we always aim to make a difference in daily simple things. Kabob Creative was founded in 2016 and base on our start-up concept, it can be divided into the following three stages:

The First Stage: Create the Problem-Solving Applications

In 2016, Kabob Creative New Retail Cloud was established. With the goal of solving store operations, we started by solving simple problems. From creating lookr digital signage content management system to Voicer BGM Master broadcasting system and Staff training management, Kabob Creative has gradually extended from the application of individual store scene solutions to the brand management of multiple stores.

The Second Stage: The Establishment of the New- Retail Platform

In 2017, Kabob Creative started a one-stop cloud platform solution to develop application software for different scenarios, allowing users to operate chain stores efficiently. Tico is an artifact of queuing and calling numbers, providing queuing and calling functions at the front desk of catering retail channels to improve counter-service efficiency.

Bobo Sync Menu Board, support all sources such as cloud / POS / manual-store price change and data synchronization, creating a variety of new retail appearances.

The Third Stage: Industrial Transformation and Third-party Integration Cooperation

In 2020, Kabob Creative redefined its goals and introduce more AI-related tools to help stores automate responses and reduce manpower maintenance costs, such as automatically generating intelligent recommendations and more extended applications for specific crowds and facial recognition systems. In 2021, Kabob Creative will cooperate with more third-party applications to develop more diversified store management tools. We look forward to the new retail panoramic application services provided by the Kabob Creative platform in the future to achieve continuous and stable operation with a more intelligent perception response.

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