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Under the trend of "smart retail," some brick-and-mortar retail companies and chain stores have integrated smart retail into their businesses in specific scenarios, realized intelligent upgrades and changes, and tapped new sales opportunities. For example, physical channel stores such as telecom businesses make traditional sales scenarios rich and flexible through intelligent transformation. This not only enhances the attractiveness to consumers but also better showcases the corporate image.

Tico Waiting Number

The Tico Waiting Number counter queuing call is an artifact that can provide simple queuing and multiple calling functions. It can be realized with mobile phones and tablets. The personalized color themes can be freely matched. The traditional calling mode can be skipped to help stores quickly solve queuing confusion, minimize the burden on stores, and save operating costs.

Lookr Cloud Digital Signage

Store shopping guide has always been a pain point for retail business halls, chain stores, and specialty stores. It's also the core link for users to generate purchase intentions. Now through Lookr multi-screen interaction, a new shopping guide model has emerged. In the telecom business scenario, when the user picks up the mobile phone to buy and try, it can automatically display the product introduction, performance introduction, and activity information of the current mobile phone to help users quickly obtain product selling points. It can also achieve multi-screen linkage through Lookr. The large screen displays the mobile phone highlights, which increases sales opportunities while interacting well with users. Thus, every user who picks up a mobile phone can get a smart shopping guide experience.

Lookr can also quickly manage the screens of multiple stores, set up video and picture carousels, picture carousels, etc., on-demand in the background. It can also support regular updates of the display content through the background and pre-arrange the schedule for each day's schedule. Lookr digital signage enhances screen value, corporate image, effectively reduces operating costs, and efficiently manages store digital signage. Lookr digital signage is your best choice.

Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station

In user shopping and browsing, achieving accurate matching according to user needs and item locations faster is also an important part of the user experience. Kiosk and Lookr make full use of the screen. In the business scenario, the unused shopping guide screen will display limited promotional and activity content. When the user clicks on the shopping guide screen, they can see the internal navigation and positioning marketing, check the product database of the store for information, which is intelligent Guide customers to find the locations and information of the products through the information on the touch screen/tablet/mobile phone. A good experience will increase the user’s purchase intention.

Teachor Staff Training

Service is the secret to your business success. In this regard, the training of employee service awareness is very important. Chinese people's service awareness has always been relatively poor. It isn't easy to require employees to maintain excellent service at all times.

For companies, training is a catalyst for their own metabolism and continuous development. The main point of training is "people." Each trainee has different needs for training. What kind of training meets the needs of what trainees? How to let the employees of chain stores scattered around keep up with the rapidly updated market and products. ?

The Teachor Staff Training can quickly let you set up an enterprise online training center in a short period of time, improve the training intensity of enterprise employees, and enable them to adapt to new changes faster and better.

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