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A theme park is a tourist place with a specific theme style and integrated with entertainment, amusement, leisure, service, and reception facilities, such as Disneyland, aquarium, and wildlife park. The theme park has a huge area that requires a large number of display areas, and a complex playback and display system. In the face of the daily demand for a large number of tourists, the kabob new retail management cloud system has realized the functional requirements of a modern theme park.

Facer RUN front desk face recognition

Facer RUN front desk face recognition focused on face recognition and intelligent perception applications by identifying basic user information characteristics, including gender, age, etc., and can be used for Lookr to do push personalized recommendations. It is suitable for public areas such as large shopping malls, exhibition centers, commercial buildings, smart hospitals, and community buildings.

Mimi social density alert

In public areas, it is extremely important to control the flow of people in the area effectively. Mimi social density alert integrated digital signage which can help the community to check the situation in the park in real-time, give feedback and prompt the management staff. It can help you control the flow of people in the area effectively, such as the queue of tourists in amusement facilities. If the queue scale is too long, the staff needs to attract customers to pay attention to social distance or guide customers to go to other facilities first in order to protect the safety of customers, save visitors time and get a better amusement experience.

Voicer BGM Master

Voicer BGM Master is a tool for fast broadcast management. It belongs to the super BGM housekeeper. It can insert music and push content instantly. It is simple to operate and supports platform applications. The mobile phone can also manage and insert broadcast content easily. Copyright management is free of music infringement and helps you customize a personalized and free music brand fast and easily.

Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station

With the help of the Internet, we can see the panoramic landscape of the park, understand the details of the official notice in advance, and help you improve the mastery of the route. After arriving in the park, tourists often come into contact with another user-friendly service at the visitor center or service point—the kiosk touch-screen tour of the park. Visitors can find scenic spot information, scenic spot information, etc. quickly, and get ready for the itinerary. Kiosk is based on a network control system formed by hardware equipment and a back-end central database, which virtualizes traditional navigation signs, official consultations, and other textual materials, which enables visitors to quickly obtain them through various presentation methods such as pictures, voices, videos, and texts. This service reduces information barriers in the itinerary of tourists and makes the trip to the park more enjoyable.

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