How Our Chain Store Users Solve Their Operation Problems with Minimum Cost?


The management system requires a sufficiently comprehensive organizational structure for large enterprises or chain stores, because the branches involved in the chain store type are very dense, and each level needs to be clear and clear, so that it is more convenient to manage.

Chain stores and business operation in group are in trend, but larger institutions will have a trend of outward expansion as their business develops. Chain stores, as a form of traditional retail, have always been a quantitative linear growth model. E-commerce has experienced exponential growth in efficiency in the past five years. How can we not be jealous? But in fact, the strategy of a company is generally to stick to this: stick to its own technology, products, and team, but the development of the market is just devastating: exterminating one company and flourishing another.

This also means that our single-store version of the system cannot meet the requirements of customers, so how to solve the problem of chain stores? The tools of Kabob New Retail Cloud Management Platform can help you!


For chain stores, Lookr digital signage is undoubtedly the best tool. It can quickly manage multiple screens, unify all store screens, set up movie picture carousels, picture carousels, etc, and can also support regular updates and playback through the background, pre-arrange the daily play schedule for each time period. Through unified activities and picture arrangement, the chain brand image and brand value are enhanced.


For public occasions, it is extremely important to effectively control the number of people in the area. Mimi Social Density Alert integrates digital signage, which can help chain stores to check the store status in real time, and display the density of each area through Lookr, and provide in-time feedback and remind managers to effectively control The number of people flow in the area, for example, can remind customers to pay attention to social distancing when queuing to check out, so as to protect customer safety while improving the store experience.


For customers who are still waiting, chain stores can also be equipped with Kiosk touch navigation, with Lookr information release for device management, and can be connected to the store’s product database to query information, especially stores such as department stores, and intelligently guide customers to find products , with Lookr on the touch screen/tablet to query product information and improve consumer interaction.


For chain stores, the current main consumer is already born in the 80s and 90s, and the aural environment is very important. Music gives every customer coming to the store to experience the value and taste of the brand. Voicer is the best artifact for quick and unified management of stores. Voicer belongs to the super BGM butler of the chain. It can insert music and promotional broadcast content at any time. It is easy to operate and powerful. It supports cross-platform applications and can also be used on mobile phones. Easily manage and insert content, copyright management avoids the risk of music infringement, and helps you quickly and easily customize your own store-branded music library.

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