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In recent years, the development and popularization of information technologies such as Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data have created a new situation in hospital informatization. As a new concept, "smart medical care" has gradually become the trend of hospital information construction. Intelligent technology is widely used in various departments and departments of hospitals. Through the string system, the consultation process can be optimized, and the waiting time can be used to popularize common knowledge of medical safety to patients, so as to protect their lives. So what exactly can Kabob software do? Follow the editor to find out.

Line up at the Tico Run counter

Waiting for the hospital is troublesome, and it is difficult to call the number. Want to realize efficient and flexible call for the doctor and save manpower? Counter queuing to address the above-mentioned worries, it can well solve the problems of disorder in patients' queuing, unbalanced workload of physicians, and noisy environment.

Counter queuing is an artifact of queuing numbers, which can provide simple queuing and multiple calling functions. It can be realized with mobile phones and tablets. The personalized color themes can be freely matched, and the traditional queuing mode can be skipped to help hospitals quickly solve the problem of queuing confusion. To minimize the burden on hospitals, save operating costs, improve hospital order, and improve service quality.


For hospitals, it is extremely important to effectively control the flow of people in the area, especially now under the influence of the new coronavirus. Mimi integrates digital signage, which can help hospitals to view the density of each area instantly, provide real-time feedback and prompt management personnel, effectively control the number of people in the area, and decentralize and divert medical visits. It is also a safety requirement for patients on the environment.


Want to have digital screens that intelligently control each store, release fashion information in the first time, flexibly manage, and release smartly? Lookr is simple to operate, powerful in function, easy to use, install and deploy, to control complexity. Quickly manage multi-store screens, digital marketing, and master instantly. Lookr can quickly manage multiple screens. You can set up a carousel of movies, pictures, etc. in the background on demand. It can also support regular updates of the display content through the background and pre-arrange the schedule of each time of the day. Lookr enriches digital signage and enhances the value of screens.

With Tico Run and Pos machine, it can realize visual calling number and directional content recommendation. It can also broadcast medical safety common sense in the waiting area to improve screen utilization.


The public address system is one of the indispensable subsystems in the hospital. Its main function is to provide background music, public broadcasting and emergency broadcasting applications for the entire building. The main function of background music is to cover up noise and create a relaxed and pleasant office and life atmosphere. The front-end speakers are required to be evenly arranged, have no obvious sound source directionality, and have a suitable volume, which does not affect the normal conversation of the crowd. It is one of the important means to optimize the environment. Public broadcasting can play the role of propaganda, broadcast notifications, find someone to page, etc. This function requires the sound field intensity of the speaker to be slightly higher than the background music index, and the principle of not affecting the two people's face-to-face speech. Emergency broadcast is a facility used for evacuation broadcast in emergency situations as a fire alarm and linkage system. It must provide a voice sufficient for the people who may be involved in the building to hear the alarm and evacuation clearly. Under normal circumstances, the system is used as background music at ordinary times, and when a fire occurs, the emergency broadcast system is automatically played through the linkage of the fire alarm system.

Voicer provides a simple operation background to quickly realize the above functions, and can easily insert various broadcasts to help hospitals quickly build a public broadcast system.

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