Upgrading Brand Stores. Tradition Becomes Fashion!


Brand stores are also called franchised stores, and it is not a store with a well-known brand that is called a franchise store. A franchise store refers to a franchise store that specializes in operating a certain type of industry. With the refinement of the social division of labor, various industries have their own brand stores, and they are becoming more and more refined.

But nowadays, the e-commerce industry is booming, grabbing the limelight of brand stores, making brand stores more and more difficult to operate. Many brand stores can only struggle to survive, which makes many brand owners lose sight of brand stores. Lost confidence!

Brand stores used to be popular in the streets and alleys, but under the Internet boom, they seem to be sluggish overnight. Many people attribute the poor sales growth of physical stores to the impact of the Internet, and ignore their own problems and lack of in-depth review. Only hope to open a shop online and develop O2O. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Brand store business is difficult to do, there are "five major problems"

1. It only depends on what others do, without considering who I am. Where is the brand positioning?

2. Only consider what kind of products you want to sell, without considering who the customers are. Who are the customer groups?

3. Only the gross profit margin of the product is considered, and the "turnover rate" of the product is not considered.

4. Only consider the promotion method, not the "in-store rate" of the physical store!

5. Use the indifference of peer business to comfort yourself. If you can't find out the reasons for the poor business, you will understand that you have suffered an "e-commerce shock."

The above five wrong habitual thinking has brought a huge dilemma to the store, and it is also a huge dilemma caused by wrong thinking!

If we do not stand from the perspective of customers, rebuild our customer-oriented retail business essence, and re-examine the various inherent defects and deficiencies in our stores, in the Internet age, we will bring brand stores to a dead end.

Use "Internet thinking" to optimize the core competitiveness of stores.

"Internet thinking" must be able to instill and penetrate into brand stores, the most important and core of which is to be oriented to please and cater to customers, pay attention to "interaction" with customers, and combine Internet technology to gradually optimize and transform physical stores into " Digital Store".

Store positioning: the "three major elements" for the transformation of brand stores into "digital stores".

Compare with e-commerce. We must be good at taking advantage of the "experience" and "service" of physical stores. On the basis of "selling good medicines", it is mainly to achieve and adhere to three elements: one is professionalism, another is experience, and the other is service!

In the future, if our brand stores want to survive, we must use Internet thinking to optimize ourselves, take "professionalism, experience, and service" as our core values, and improve the ability of brand stores and e-commerce to divert customers and share the market! With the help of KABOB products, brand store can be gradually optimized into a “digital store” integrating “physical + smart”.


For customers, music has greater appeal and transmission power, and has a great effect on regulating the mind. For brand stores, broadcast of store music is very important. The music can be consistent with the store’s characteristic positioning. For brand stores, what music is played? When will it be released? What is the appropriate volume? Will it bring maximum benefit to the store? Then, you need a smart music manager-Voicer. Voicer is the overall solution for store music in retail channels.

Voicer provides a simple operation background. The chain brand headquarters can set and manage the music playlist. It can be set to play different background music/broadcast messages every seven days to meet the needs of different time periods in the store. In the morning, you can play active and fast-paced music to drive the enthusiasm of shopping guides and the enthusiasm of customers to buy. In the afternoon, you can play soothing music to adjust your mood. On the other hand, Voicer can also set up a promotion broadcast schedule. The administrator can set the store broadcast message in the background, and set the broadcast start and end time/broadcast frequency according to the store.


For digital brand stores, Lookr is undoubtedly the best helper. It can quickly manage multiple screens in brand stores, set up video and picture carousels in the background on demand, and can also support regular updates through the background. Play the content, pre-arrange the play schedule for each time period of the day. Lookr enriches digital signage and enhances the value of the screen.


"Internet thinking" is oriented towards pleasing and catering to customers, focusing on "interaction" with customers. Facer - face recognition intelligent perception application, facer collects user characteristics and consumption habits data, and then cooperates with Lookr to push personalized recommendations to improve consumption motivation and application integration. Double the benefit!

With Facer providing collect user characteristic data, it can also link with Voicer to push personalized radio music in stores, invisibly interacting with customers in music. Only store music allows customers to relax and fully enjoy the atmosphere created by shopping venues. Once customers are willing to stay, then there are opportunities for consumption everywhere.


For brand stores, it is also important to effectively control the flow of people in the area. Mimi integrates digital signage, which can help store administrators to instantly view and present the density of each area, provide instant feedback and prompt salespersons, promptly guide services, and decentralized services are also exclusive services for brand stores.


To realize digital intelligence in brand stores, you can also use Kiosk, which intelligently guides store product partitioning, convenient shopping, and effective shopping. With Lookr information release for device management, you can query product information in the product database, such as improve consumer interaction on touch screens/tablets. It not only saves time and efficiency, but also improves the interaction between the store and the customer, invisibly forming a high degree of customer recognition of the brand.

Intelligent transformation will transform physical stores into "digital stores" is the future trend. KABOB products will also always be committed to helping you realize a "digital shop". The Internet changes the era, and it will also change our commercial stores and operating models.

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