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Department stores, as a shopping center integrating daily consumption, shopping and entertainment, with the increase in the number of large department stores and intensified market competition, the economic benefits of department stores have declined significantly, and the popular department stores in the past have been shut down and reopened one after another. As a large department store, there are two fundamental ways to win the competition, one is the product itself, and the other is the additional service of the product. Customers’ fundamental purpose is to buy goods, and merchants’ purpose is to sell goods. Whoever owns the special products, whoever have the comparative advantage in the market. In addition, under the premise that the products of each company are similar, making additional service is particularly important! The same product, with different additional service features, will attract different customers.

The principle of value-adding principle —— aim at customers’ different needs.

1. Satisfy customers' demand for profit. "Profit" is not a blindly discounted promotion, low-priced business, but rather, is exceeding the value of the products.

2. Satisfy customers' requirements for convenience. "Convenient" is to satisfy the customer's nature-"lazy". Customers need to feel convenient and quick to enter the store to sell goods. If they need to know the location of the goods, they need to get a reply in a shortest time.

3. Satisfy customers' environmental requirements. Consumption is a process of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Department stores need to create a warm, safe and comfortable environment.

4. Meet customers’ individual needs. Department stores need to cater for products of different ages, different identities, different jobs, and leisure and entertainment items.

Special service is an important magic weapon for today's department stores to improve their competitive advantages. Special products are not enough. You need a series of products to help you have different competitive advantages for the same products.


Lookr is simple to operate, powerful in function, easy to use, install and deploy, to control complexity. Quickly manage multi-store screens, digital marketing, and control instantly. Lookr can quickly manage the screens of multiple stores, and can set up a carousel of videos and pictures in the background, and can also support regular updates of the playback display content, and pre-arrange the playback schedule for each time period of a day. Lookr enriches digital signage and enhances the value of the screen.

If you want to improve department store operating efficiency, effectively reduce operating costs, and efficiently manage store digital signage, Lookr is your best choice.


Shopping is a thing that is more emotional than rational. Shopping in your favorite music environment will make you feel happy! If there is no background music, no product will arouse your interest. Music is just like perfume. There are different tones, which in turn affect the mood of customers.

What are the music management requirements for department stores?

1. The music style should match the store scene

2. Music is distinctive

3. Play different music in different time periods

4. Promotional music

5. Music needs to be festive

Then, Voicer is the store's overall music solution.

Voicer provides a simple operation. The headquarters can set and manage the music playlist. You can set to play different background music/broadcast messages every seven days to meet the needs of different music in different time periods of the store. With powerful background music management, promotion broadcast schedule, live audio remote control, make your store sound beautiful!


How does a department store provides customers with time-saving and efficient shopping guidance? How to guide customers where they are? How to choose the route of their favorite brand, and the floors to taste delicious food? The value-adding principle of satisfying customers' needs in a department store is "convenience", convenient shopping, effective shopping. It’s not only time-saving and efficient, but also creating a smart department store. Kiosk will help you realize it. Kiosk provides shopping mall guide/retail shopping guide/restaurant electronic menu, freely configurable gadgets, can be used with Lookr for device management, and applied to touch screens/tablets to improve consumers interaction.

Kiosk provides language management, brand management, and branch library management. You can change brand information immediately according to instant needs, edit branch building information, contact information, business hours, transportation, and information about various activities in the mall, including event pictures, event name, event location, event description, and event time. Kiosk quickly and effectively selects personal favorite shopping routes to meet customers' needs for the most important feature of department stores-"individualization", which greatly improve the conversion rate of department store customers.


There are special functions when Facer paired with Kiosk. Using AI plus facer to run face recognition, different groups of people close to the machine will present direct product recommendations, improve the efficiency of department stores, and turn customer flow into consumption. Reconstruct consumption trend, transform target consumers into consumption, and turn consumers into explosive consumption.


For department stores, it is also important to effectively control the number of people in specific area. Mimi integrates digital signage, which can help department store administrators to instantly view the density of each area, provide instant feedback and remind on-site personnel, and effectively control the number of people in the area. In department stores under the epidemic, decentralized shopping is also customer's safety requirements for the environment.

The successful transformation of a department store will inevitably require access to new retail technology to improve its own advantages. Kabob products can help you settle the scene creation and operation, and become the department store that consumers are most willing to visit.

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