Operation Management Tool: Invisible but Indispensible Senses in Fashion Store!


As we all know, the biggest feature of a fashion store is its changeable style. Fashion store should be a quick responder to fashion trends, and strive to identify and grasp every dynamic fashion signal as soon as possible, and quickly present to all consumers in its own ways.

For a fashion store, people have "4 senses", namely ears, nose, eyes, and skin. Eyes and ears are the main tools for perceiving information around them. If you want to do a good job in fashion store marketing, you need to focus on these "4 senses". Great senses work hard. For human beings, music has great appeal and transmission power, and it works well on regulating the mind. For fashion stores, music broadcast is very important. Music can be consistent with the store's style, and it can create a pleasant consumption environment for customers, which naturally encourages customers to relax and increase their staying time.

Fashion stores want to quickly and intelligently manage store information releases and exclusive background music playback solutions. KABOB products can not only quickly manage multi-store screens, digital marketing, and are more committed to providing exclusive background music playback solutions for all walks of life to allow customers to have happy shopping and to make shop business even prosperous.


Shopping for clothes is originally an emotional thing greater than rationality. When you visit a fashion store in your favorite music environment, even if you are faced with a dazzling array of clothes, you can calmly feel like walking in your own closet. Every kind of clothes are so perfect and fit on the body, and every moment is unique to every style! If there is no background music, no matter how gorgeous clothes are worn on the body, it will be overshadowed, and a sense of inferiority will arise spontaneously. Music has different characteristics just like perfume, which in turn affects customers’ mood.

What are the music management requirements for fashion stores?

1. The music style should match the store scene

2. Music is distinctive

3. Play different music in different time

4. Promotional music

5. Music needs to be festive

Then, Voicer is the overall solution of music for fashion stores.

Voicer provides a simple operation. Headquarters can set and manage music playlists. It can be set to play different background music/broadcast messages every seven days to meet the needs of different requirement in different time. Voicer has a powerful background music management, promotion broadcast schedule, and live audio remote control.

If a fashion store wants to have a set of exclusive music playlists, the professional team can help you.


Fashion stores can’t manage store digital signage efficiently and increase the value of screens? Want to have digital screens that intelligently control each store, release fashion information in the first time, flexibly manage, and release smartly?

Lookr is simple to operate, powerful in function, easy to use/ install/ deploy, and able to control complexity. Quickly managing multi-store screens and digital marketing. Lookr can quickly manage the screens of multiple stores, set up a carousel of videos and pictures in the background on demand, are able to support regular updates of the playback display content, and pre-arrange the playback schedule for each time period of the day. Lookr enriches digital signage and enhances the value of the screen.

If you want to improve the operating efficiency of fashion stores, effectively reduce operating costs, and efficiently manage store digital signage, Lookr is your best choice!


Fashion stores want to break the traditional shopping mall navigation system? Kiosk provides you with the perfect solution.

Kiosk empowers mall managers with a simple and easy-to-operate system, providing language management, brand and subsidies management. You can change brand information instantly according to actual needs, edit branch building information, contact information, business hours, transportation, and information about various activities in the mall, including event pictures, event name, event location, event description, and event time.

Shopping guild not only saves time and increase efficiency, but also promotes store fashion culture and establishes the image of a fashion store. Kiosk helps you achieve it.

KABOB products help fashion stores create a fashionable atmosphere visually and aurally. Only opening a fashion store that can give customers a "fashionable" atmosphere visually and aurally can we have a big win in the competitive business environment!

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