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Service and atmosphere quality of full-service Restaurant is much higher than that of quick service restaurant. The environment and service of restaurant are part of the food, and their value should be reflected at the price. Therefore, even dishes that are exactly the same in terms of aroma, taste, shape, weight, etc., the price of the full-service restaurant is higher than that of quick service restaurant.

There are different charging ways in different restaurant types. In terms of business strategy, quick service restaurant focuses on the turnover rate, while full service restaurant pays more attention to the customer experience. Of course, payment after service increases the management cost at the same time, however, some customers are glad to take the extra cost transferred to them. Service, environment, and sentiment are not free.

In what situation is it suitable for paying after meal?

For example, in a general hotel restaurant, customers come in, sit down, look at the menu, order and eat, and they may buy beer or other dishes in the process. Restaurants taking service seriously, facing adding orders frequently and basically adopting the method of ordering first and paying later like Chinese Restaurants, are the type of paying after meal.

If full service restaurants want to achieve a better customer dining experience, KABOB products can help you manage the restaurant services more diversified.


For full-service restaurants, most customers value the dining atmosphere. What kind of music do they play? When will it be released? What is the appropriate volume? Want to determine the dining experience of each customer, then you need a smart broadcast tool. Voicer is a solution for retail chain stores, which can bring maximum benefits to restaurants.

For the full-service restaurant, there should be a unified image in vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing, so customers can experience the brand value. Voicer is the best tool for store management. It can insert music and promote broadcast content at any time. It is very powerful, easy to operate, supports cross-platform applications and mobile phones. In addition, it can easily manage and insert content, copyright management, avoid the risk of music infringement, and help you quickly and easily customize the music library of your own store brand.


For full service restaurants, prompt response during dining service is the first priority for customers’ best experience. It can monitor customers demand in the entire restaurant instantly, and dispatch nearest waiters to provide services in time. Waitor can identify the raising hands gesture and assist stores to complete customer needs. There will be no omissions in the greetings. In addition, with complete data recording of service items and time spent, waitor is undoubtedly the best tool to quickly respond to customer needs.


Say goodbye to traditional waiting method, reserving first and waiting afterwards is the trend of full-service restaurants. Customers can make reservations by themselves and wait quietly for dinner according to their reservation numbers. This reduces unnecessary disputes between customers and between customers and waiters, and decreases the complaint rate. Tabble is a solution for intelligent on-site management to optimize operations and sales. Tabble provides immediate table occupation status, mobile device notification, headquarters unified management of multiple stores, comprehensive support for deployment, full control of customer information, and reservation analysis to help efficient operation and management of full service restaurants.


For customers who are still waiting, full-service restaurants can be equipped with Kiosk, paired with Lookr information release for device management, customers can get food information based on the product database. Customers who are waiting can use any device, such as in touch Screen/tablet computer to inquire food information in advance, which improves consumer interaction.

Full-service restaurants must enhance customer experience during the dining process and win customers’ acknowledgement. Nowadays, products with the same features and functions can always find substitutes, and the barriers built by products are the key elements of user experience. KABOB products can help restaurants build dining atmosphere, enhance customer experience, operate restaurants efficiently, and win customers’ satisfaction.

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