Kabob Products Applied in Quick Service Restaurant


Quick service restaurant, as the name implies, is a restaurant where consumers need to check out and pay before eating, such as McDonald's and KFC. It can also refer to dessert shops and beverage shops. Quick Chinese food such as noodles, porridge, and bun shops are also included.

Under what circumstances is it suitable to pay bill first and eat later?

1. The restaurant is understaffed;

2. There are more seats in the restaurant, there is no fixed station number, and the passenger flow is large. Paying bill first and eating later can avoid missing orders and dine and dash;

3. Generally, guests will not order more meals once they have ordered;

4. The restaurants set itself at middle and low prices, and the customers are basically ordinary consumers;

5. Mid-to-low-end restaurants want to increase the table turnover rate.

If quick service restaurants want to achieve better digital management and operation, then Kabob products can help you!

Voicer Audio & Broadcast

For all quick service restaurants, they not only need to focus on providing high-quality products and affordable prices, but also pay attention to the dining atmosphere. Then, music is one of the indispensable elements. Many people may not care about hearing, but if we compare the dining experience of restaurants with music and the one without music, we can find out the difference! Quick service restaurants have standardized music, including playback methods, management methods, and music content, which can make customers feel emotionally resonant, and therefore may stay in restaurants for longer time.

As a result, restaurants need a smart music broadcast system. Voicer Audio & Broadcast is the solution for music in retail chain stores. Voicer Audio & Broadcast is an easy-to-use background music and promotion broadcast for chain stores. Voicer provides open and closed store management, instant broadcast information, digital remote management. Achieve audio marketing with a simple step!


Automatically detect empty tables and the space occupation status in store. Consumers can know the status, and clerks can control the tables waiting to be cleaned. Complete record of table clearing time data enables catering industry to improve the efficiency of store operations. For quick service restaurants, if you want to increase the table turnover rate, wipor can help restaurants quickly control it!

Tico GO Queuing System

In quick service restaurant, customers face the difficulty of picking-up meals, and clerks face the difficulty of calling numbers. This is a problem that every restaurant encounter. Want to achieve efficient and flexible ordering and picking, and save manpower? Tico Go provides a perfect solution!

Tico GO is a magic tool that providing simple queuing and multi-calling functions. It can be achieved with a mobile phone and tablet, and personalized color themes can be freely matched. Tico GO is away from the traditional mode of ordering meals. It helps you quickly solve the chaotic problems of queuing for meals, minimize the burden on the restaurant, save operating costs, improve dining order, and improve service efficiency.

Bobo Dynamic Content DMB

Quick service restaurants want to increase the table turn-over rate. Traditional price tags can no longer meet the needs of restaurants. Bobo helps you quickly solve this problem! Simple mechanism of managing price tags for headquarters and subsidies and instant display of products and prices, which make delicious foods visible, allow customers to accurately select products and stimulate consumption. In addition, Bobo can easily link product data to increase table turnover rate.

Kabob products easily enable quick service restaurants to realize digital management, provide data analysis and decision-making for redefining operation of stores, increasing revenue, and ensuring your leading position in the market!

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