Voicer, the BGM Master!


“Getting bored with the same playlist playing over and over again everyday?”

“For department stores and chain stores, what music to play and how to play each music can bring maximized value?”

Voicer BGM Master is a retail store music solution. Not only can you play music with Voicer, you can also upload music file, voice recordings or even enter text messages for our system to read out for you. Voicer BGM Master provides a powerful background music management, promotion broadcast scheduling and audio remote control.

A successful store management means a unified brand image in visual, tactile, taste and auditory aspects. When managing auditory experience, chain stores usually needs standardized background music, including the order of how they will be played. Customers tends to stay longer in store if the background music playlist creates an emotional resonance with them. Voicer BGM Master is an easy-to-use cross platform application, including managing content playlist with smartphones.

Voicer BGM Master provides an easy-to-use backstage, a chain store manager can manage a shared music playlist with ease. Set different background music / broadcast message differently every day to match different mood. Play active, fast pacing music during morning and change to soothing music in the afternoon. On the other hand, store manager can set broadcast messages base on different circumstances.

In Voicer BGM Master, you can set remote controller on mobile devices to pause music, edit broadcast message and play music instantly. Moreover, after collecting customers’ facial data with Facer Facial Detection, corresponding music or voice message will be deliver to the customers.

If you want to know more about how Voicer BGM Master can help manage your store’s music playlist, sign up at: https://www.kabob.io/en/lookr/