Manage price adaptation with Bobo!


“Make menu content adjustment with ease and flexibility.”

“Change menu theme according to holidays.”

Bobo Sync Menu Board provides an easy-to-use management system. With Bobo, you can adjust menu price tags rapidly. Data syncing with POS automatically or manually. Edit, customize items base on brand image.

A well designed menu is crucial for restaurant business, especially for first-time customers. Quickly adjusting item price is a commonly used strategy in the retail business. With Bobo Sync Menu Board, you can adjust price to gain more market share, maintain data and price syncing through cloud, POS or manually adjustment. Issue menu to Lookr Digital Signage, shop owner can put items on/off shelf immediately.

Through Bobo Sync Menu Board, you can follow customer preferences or holiday theme and change the display mode of the menu in real time, creating a menu with variety.

Bobo Sync Menu Board not only brings substantial income to retail store and chain store, but also creates a connection between each store and customers, hence bringing down the communicating cost, boosting customers.

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