Lookr Digital Signage, smart in-store information publishing


"Can't efficiently manage store digital signage and increase the value of the screen?”

"Want a digital screens that intelligently control, manage and publish each store?”

Lookr Digital Signage is simple to operate, install and deploy with powerful functions. Manage multi-store screens quickly, and master digital marketing with simplicity and complexity.

Lookr Digital Signage provides an easy-to-operate but powerful background with comprehensive functions. It supports a variety of layouts and editing settings, and is equipped with visual device management to easily improve store operating efficiency. Lookr Digital Signage meets the needs of different supermarkets and chain stores. It edits and broadcasts different content. It can not only choose horizontal or vertical screen settings according to the store’s device, but also provides a variety of layouts, allowing supermarkets and chain stores freely match screen sizes according to the store configuration.

Lookr Digital Signage can quickly manage the screens of multiple stores, and can set up video carousel, picture carousel, etc. You can regularly update the display content through the backstage and pre-arrange the daily playlist schedule. Lookr Digital Signage enriches digital signage and enhances screen value.

Superstores and chain stores can edit the content of various activities at the backend of Lookr Digital Signage at any time. Lookr Digital Signage supports various editing settings such as background text, background color, and marquee, making digital signage more diverse and rich. Lookr Digital Signage is easy to maintain and manage. The system automatically plays without special management and operation. Even if the player unexpectedly shutdown, the system will automatically replay when it is powered on again without manual operation.

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