Teachor helps enterprises manage documents and staffs with efficiency!


With the development of society, the business competition faced by enterprises has become increasingly fierce. It is particularly important to improve the management level of enterprises and the quality of employees, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. For enterprises, training is a catalyst for their own metabolism and continuous development. The main part of training is "people". Each trainee has different training needs. It is important to understand what kind of training meets the needs of trainees, and how to let the scattered employees of chain stores keep up with the rapidly updated market and products.

Teachor Staff Training provides an easy-to-operate backstage. Headquarters managers can set authorization roles on the backstage, edit files, upload PDF files, upload excel files, add graphics, and take screenshots of videos. Regarding file authorization, headquarter managers can also configure folder viewing permissions to determine which employees have folder editing permissions, and which employees have folder viewing permissions.

On the mobile device app of Teachor Staff Training, managers can edit exams. Store clerk and company employees can take tests on time no matter where they are. Employees can also use their free time to study corporate culture. Multiple languages can be switched to improve the work efficiency of employees, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

Teachor Staff Training provides a three-in-one background of document management, announcement setting and examination setting. Teachor Staff Training allows chain stores and enterprises to complete training in one step with high-efficiency operation management. It can organize members’ authorization permissions, training content editing management, and exam evaluation management. Staff training is one of the important ways to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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