Import Tico Waiting Number for a better number calling system!


“Still worrying about the long queue line in front of the counter?”

“Are you still calling number by staff?”

Tico Waiting Number is the best application for shop number calling. It provides a simple queueing and number calling feature. Customizing color theme with smart devices.

Tico provides an easy-to-use backstage system with number editing, TTS, content editing, TTS language selecting, displaying text editing and color scheme editing features. After setting up Tico, it will automatically generate displaying link for Lookr Digital Signage. Different from other number calling application, Tico supports TTS feature. With TTS feature, you can edit both language and content with ease.

Tico features a remote control mode, supporting remote controlling on tablet, PC and smartphone. A staff can log in to a tablet or a smart devices and enter number. Tico will announce the number automatically. Our number calling system supports real person sound. Tico also supports repeat number calling if the customer miss the number. Staff member can support multiple language, file import, with remote controller. Bringing the best user experience for shop owner with customizable scene styles.

Moreover, a food court version of Tico Waiting Number is launching. With the food court big screen, customers can view each number calling status on the screen. Apart from the original number calling system, the food court version provides a public screen link, gather all restaurant’s number calling status on the big screen.

If you want to know more about how Tico Waiting Number can help manage your store’s number calling system, sign up at: