Facer, Integence Human Facial Detection!


“Can’t keep track of costumers’ data? Don’t know how to keep customer in store?”

“Collecting customer data such as gender, age, facial expression automatically and boosting sales volume”

Facer Facial Detection collects users’ facial feature, sends data to Lookr and Voicer to broadcast corresponding contents, boosting consumer motivation.

Facer Facial Detection provides an easily accessible client service. You can create events under multiple conditions. Exceed traditional marketing technique, collect customer data and understand your customer by setting front desk and wide area detections. You can broadcast corresponding content to communicate interactively with your customer. With Facer Facial Detection, you can attract customer with original contents, generating emotional connections between customers and your store.

With Facer Facial Detection, you can set condition to trigger content broadcasting. Set different content to match each devices, our system will broadcast certain content according to different customer condition.

Facer Facial Detection is divided to two versions: Facer GO Wide Area Detection and Facer RUN Front Desk Detection, each version satisfies different store operational demands. Facer Facial Detection make “facial detection” more than a customer identification device. With Lookr Digital Signage and Voicer BGM Master, Facer Facial Detection brings greater benefit to your store. Facer Facial Detection captures customers’ gender and age data. After analyzing the data, Facer Facial Detection will send order to Lookr Digital Signage to broadcast corresponding product information to give customer recommendations. Facer Facial Detection also support linkage with Voicer BGM Master. Broadcast through Voicer BGM Master to create a customize ambience for your customers.

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