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"There are too many customers during the meal time, but the store clerks cannot manage the table condition and waiting schedule?"

"Still using traditional phone calls or making reservations with store clerks on-site, which make the stores cannot effectively manage reservation waiting orders? "

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting: Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting supports multiple channels for online reservation quickly, and mobile phone to scanning QR code to make an online reservation immediately. Store clerks can check reservation information in the backstage and arrange seats in time through mobile phone and tablet. With these features, Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting can efficiently improve the turnover rate and operation efficiency of the stores!

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting provides a simple, easy-to-operate and powerful backstage, which allows chain restaurant operators to customize style layout and display table waiting status in the backstage. In addition, Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting can flexibly set various situation and table configuration diagrams in the backstage, so that different branch types can be managed uniformly in the backstage by the chain restaurant operators. When customers wants to eat in a restaurant, they don not need to ask and wait for the restaurant waiters to confirm whether a table is available at present or how long they should wait. They can check the waiting status, the different type of table and the current usage of different tables through the display screen in the restaurant.

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting provides multiple reservation and table waiting features. Customers can choose to make an online reservation through multiple channels, or scan the QR code on the display screen at the restaurants the make an appointment. After the appointment is completed, the backstage will automatically send SMS notification to the customers. In addition to confirming the reservation information, customers can check the on-site waiting status online at any time through the link in the SMS, and flexibly arrange their waiting time. Before customers arrive at the scheduled reservation time, restaurants can also choose to send a SMS to remind customers of the appointment again to reduce any misunderstand or mistake, and make the reservation management more efficient.

Besides, the restaurant clerk can browse the order list, on-site table arrangement and customer information in Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting backstage through mobile phones and tablets. Restaurant waiters can arrange seats on site according to the list of waiting orders in the backstage through mobile phones and tablets, thus reducing the waiting time of customers and effectively controlling the utilization rate of each table. Restaurant waiters can flexibly switch whether the on-site waiting table can be open or not according to the full table rate, which is helpful to improve the service efficiency of restaurants and avoid queuing crowds.

Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting provides an easy-to-operate but powerful backstage for reservation and table waiting. By providing multiple channels for online reservation and support mobile phone to scan QR code, customers can make online reservation and the restaurant waiters can arrange the seats in the backstage through mobile phone and tablet immediately. Besides, restaurant waiters can also flexibly adjust whether the on-site waiting can be open or not according to the on-site dining situation. Tabble Reservation & Table Waiting can not only help chain restaurant operators to clearly check the waiting information, effectively improve the turnover rate of each restaurants, but also greatly reduce the time for customers to ask the waiting status with the waiters, which is helpful to optimize the operating efficiency of each restaurants and store!

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