Detect social density and collect people flow data are all in Mimi


“Cannot control the peaks of the people flow because of lacking of the daily people flow data?”

“People are so crowded in each store, but it is difficult to control the social density and distance?”

Mimi AI social density : provide multiple features such as social density and distance detection, people flow statistics, etc., to help retailer and chain store owners control the flow of people efficiently.

Mimi AI social density provides simple and intuitive backstage, allowing retailer and chain operators to bind store cameras and detect the density of people in the store in real time through the cameras. Chain store owners and retailers can not only set the limit of people flow in each area of the store, but also can set the voice alerting and visual warning pictures at the same time in the backstage. When people in the store reach the limitation, Mimi AI social density can send out alerting voice and visual pictures in real time to help the store operators and customers to pay attention to each other’s social distance.

Mimi AI social density supports mobile phone viewing and management function, allowing retailers and chain operators to check the people flow and on site people counting status in different area of stores through mobile phones. When the people flow reach the limitation and release the alerting voice and visual picture, retailers and chain operators can based on the on site situation to manage the alert messages in real time.

In addition to set the limit of people flow and edit the alert voice and visual pictures through backstage, Mimi AI social density also automatically records the alert data and people flow data in the backstage. The retailers and chain store owners can download the alert data and people flow data in the backstage so that the retailers and chain operators can check the daily people flow amount and peaks situation in each store. Moreover, retailer and chain store owners can guide customers to wait in another counter which has less waiting customers through people flow data, and reduce the waiting time of customers. With Mimi AI social density automatically records people flow in the backstage, retailer and chain store owners can optimize service efficiency significantly.

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