Hard to maintain digital signage? Try Lookr now!


“Want to try digital signage but worried about the barriers? ”

“Fear for maintenance cost time and manpower after using digital signage? ”

Looks can help you settle your worries and troubles!

Compared with the traditional light box posters with only single function and high price, Lookr digital signage provides Saas cost-effective cloud services, and customizes diversified service plans for retailers and chain store owners. They can choose appropriate service plans according to different requirements, and greatly reduce the threshold for introducing digital signage. According to statistics, compared with traditional light box posters, Lookr digital signage can help customers save about 60% of the input costs in the initial stage!

In addition to reducing the initial implementation cost by 60%, Lookr digital signage can provide an optimized version through the cloud, which can immediately correct problems and directly update through the cloud system in real time. The use of Lookr digital signage not only reduces the maintenance or processing time when problems occur, but also greatly reduces the cost of manpower maintenance or operation, so that the store operation and customer experience are not affected. Based on the above advantages, Lookr digital signage can help customers to reduce the cost up to 40% in the later update cost.

Want to learn more about multi- service solutions and maintenance methods of Lookr digital signage, please check Lookr official website: https://www.kabob.io/en/lookr/

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! A whole new type of cloud digital signage is waiting for you to experience!