Digital signage is difficult to use? Lookr shows you how to use in 3 minutes!


“Still think digital signage is only for playing promotion pictures and videos?”

“Want to try digital signage but worried about complicated settings and plenty of user manuals?”

Lookr digital signage provides perfect solutions to the above troubles and worries.

Lookr digital signage breaks away from the traditional digital signage thinking. It not only optimizes the carousel of pictures and videos, but also designs diversified and powerful applications for various chain stores and retailers. In addition to simplifying on-site installation procedures, Lookr digital signage also implements plug-ins which are easy to operate, such as on-site management, shopping guide and ordering, and work order dispatch. These features help the staffs to provide efficient and accurate services to customers, and can based on the on-site conditions to management content in the backstage to optimize the service procedures and environment in the real time.

Retailers and chain store owners are usually not only worried about the difficulty of setting up the digital signage and the backstage operation, but also afraid that they need to spend a lot of time to read a thick user manual before start using digital signage. Don’t worry, Lookr digital signage can provide a perfect solution. Through simple intuitive operation experience and guidance instructions, the owners can learn and get started quickly at the first time. Lookr digital signage can help them to save a lot of time to study and search answer from thick user manuals and solve the fears and troubles of the owners once and for all.

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