Teachor User Guide- Announcement Settings


Last week we introduced the user guide for Teachor- User Management. This week, we are going to introduce the user guide for Teachor- Announcement Settings which can effectively build business online training, announcement and notification in a short time.


1. Login with your account/ password



2. Click “APPS”- Click “Get “ to enter Teachor Staff Training



3. Click “Get”



4.  Click left menu- Announcement Settings



5. Click to add new announcement



6. Input Announcement Subject, then click add



7.Edit Announcement Content

7.1  Input Announcement Subject

7.2  Set the Schedule

7.3  Set to Public

7.4  Input Announcement

7.5  Done



8. Viewable members, add new members



This is the announcement of Teachor. It’s very easy to set.


To raise employees’ professional competencies and to add the quality of brand service, let’s start from Teachor!