User Guide for Teachor Staff Training– Users Management


Today, we’re going to introduce the function of Teachor- Users Management.

In this year, due to the COVID-19 ,many companies choose to work at home.

Online management and training has come to be one of the most recent trends.

Let’s enhance the quality of employees and the competitiveness of enterprises through Teachor. Let’s make Low-Risk Investments that offer High Returns comes true!

1 Login with your account & password.


2 Click “APPS”

3 Click “Get” for Teachor Staff Training.

4 Click “Launch”



5 Click “Users Management”.



6 Click “Edit Employees” will get into “Members” in “Company”, then click the add icon in this page.



7 Fill the blanks and click Save to finish it.


8 Click “Organization” to scan the information of your company’s organization.


9 Click “Edit Organization” will get into a new page which names “Organization” in “Company”. Click “Edit Organization” on this page.


10 Click Add to create a new Company/Region.



11 Fill the blanks and click Submit to finish it.