User Guide For Lookr - Rotate Picture


User Guide for Lookr is here again! Lately We have introduced many functions of Lookr in detail. As a sequence, we will demonstrate the function - Rotate Picture in this article. For shops who own TVs without portrait mode, rotating picture can fulfill the need of vertical image display. Come learn with us!

1. Login with your account & password

2. Click “APPS”

3. Click “Get” for Lookr Digital Signage

4. Click “Launch”

5. Click “Templates”

6. Click + to add new templates and click to edit

7. Click +

8. Choose Image Player

9. ① Click +;② Choose a vertical image;③ Click OK;④ Click Done

10. Click to rotate picture

11. Click Done

12. Click Apply to Devices, select the device and click Apply

Isn’t that easy? Try it yourself!