KABOB CLOUD Unveils Retail Cloud Services in the South Korean Market


In a strategic partnership tailored for the South Korean market, KABOB CLOUD and Young International have joined forces, with Young International securing exclusive distribution rights for KABOB CLOUD products in South Korea. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, positioning both companies as key players in the South Korean market for digital storefront experience services and systems.


Since 2023, KABOB CLOUD and Young International have been actively supporting the digital transformation efforts of DAISO, a prominent retail chain with over 1,000 stores across South Korea. Their collaborative efforts encompass the installation, management, and maintenance of digital display devices, including specialized counters such as beauty sections, leveraging Lookr digital signage cloud services to deliver engaging advertising and sales content, thereby reinforcing brand identity.


Looking ahead, KABOB CLOUD and Young International are committed to expanding their service offerings to include innovative solutions such as the Voicer in-store music and broadcasting system, as well as the Tico GO/RUN queue management system. These new services aim to provide South Korean store operators with enhanced options for managing their digital operations on-site, ultimately elevating the overall consumer experience.


About Young International:

Established in South Korea in 2012, Young International specializes in photobooth operations and store system management services. With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, their dedicated team delivers exceptional on-site technical support and customer service, creating tangible value for their clients.



Founded in Taiwan in 2016, KABOB CLOUD is a leading provider of comprehensive digital solutions for store experience and marketing. Renowned for their expertise in digital signage, in-store music broadcasting, and queue management cloud services, they empower supermarkets, retailers, and quick-service restaurants worldwide with innovative marketing solutions tailored to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.