3 minutes tutorial -How to set up Tico Waiting Number effortlessly


With all the chaos and long waiting lines during rush hour, calling guests to pick up their meals could be a tricky task. Let’s learn how to create a customized Tico Waiting Number for your store.

1. Login with your account and password

2. Click “APPS”.

3. Click “Get” for Tico Waiting Number

4. Click “Launch”

5. Click “+” to add

6. Enter basic setting (Name & Queue Name) and voice message.

7. Enter display setting (Locale, Type & Display Text) and click “Save”.

8. Click the pencil to edit

9. Copy the URL of display

10. Enter Lookr Digital Signage

11. Click “+” and choose HTML5 Plugin

12. Paste the URL of display, click done and apply to devices.

13. Choose the device and click apply.

14. Animated Effect

You just built a Tico Waiting Number. Isn’t that easy? Try it out!