Elevate Store Operations Efficiency with the New Tico RUN Service Reservation and Queue System!


Introducing the all-new service reservation and queue system, Tico RUN, designed exclusively for banks, telecommunications providers, and service-oriented retail outlets. This system offers a smarter and more efficient queue management solution for both service counters and customers. It optimizes the experience for service providers and clients alike and enhances store operational efficiency, providing your business with a competitive edge.


Tailored Backend Customization, Infinite Possibilities


In the past, the inability to customize the display screen at service counters to show various service options and wait times was a constraint. However, Tico RUN introduces a brand-new operational paradigm. Banks and telecommunications providers can now effortlessly customize the services displayed at counters from the backend. They can harmonize the display with their corporate logos and color schemes, creating a unique brand identity. This empowers different stores to cater to their specific needs with personalized settings. Moreover, through a cloud-based system, real-time updates ensure centralized management.


Key Features Enhancing Store Efficiency

1.Touchless Ticket Retrieval: Traditional queuing mechanisms are a thing of the past, thanks to the touchless ticket retrieval feature brought by Tico RUN. By binding the backend with display screens and ticket machines, customers no longer need to rely on staff members. They can effortlessly verify service offerings and wait times using display screens and ticket machines. Customers receive their ticket numbers online by scanning a QR code to select desired services. The system-generated QR codes allow customers to track service wait times in real-time via their mobile phones. This empowers them to flexibly arrange their wait times. The touchless ticket retrieval method mitigates contact risks, particularly during times of pandemic, providing customers with a safer service experience.

1.    IM Message Notifications: Tico RUN supports integration with instant messaging (IM) platforms, allowing customers who select services online to receive queue and call notifications through real-time communication. This results in a comprehensive digital experience.

Experience Now and Customize Your Ideal Solution

We sincerely invite you to learn more about the Tico RUN service reservation and queue system, and how it can be tailored to perfectly suit the needs of banks and telecommunications providers. Register an account today and start your trial: https://cloud.kabob.io/users/sign_up?locale=zh-TW

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us! The innovative Tico RUN counter queue system awaits your experience!

About Tico RUN: Tico RUN is a revolutionary service reservation and queue system designed for banks, telecommunications providers, and service-oriented retail outlets. By employing intelligent queue management techniques, Tico RUN is dedicated to enhancing customer experiences while optimizing store operational efficiency. For more details, please visit the official website: https://cloud.kabob.io/