Kiosk Floor Guide & Self Service Station Feature - Enhancing Store Operational Efficiency


As integrated centers for daily consumption, shopping, and entertainment, shopping malls aim to provide users with time-saving and efficient shopping guidance. This involves directing customers to their current locations, guiding them along routes to their preferred brands, and leading them to different floors for culinary experiences. Such shopping guidance not only saves time and enhances efficiency but also serves as a means to promote corporate culture and establish the commercial image of the mall. The Kiosk Touch Navigation comes to your aid to shape an intelligent shopping mall.


1.    Building and Store Navigation Setup

The Kiosk Touch Navigation can simultaneously offer mall navigation, retail guides, and digital menus for dining options. It provides versatile and configurable widgets that can be paired with Lookr information releases for device management. This system can be applied on touch screens or tablet computers, enhancing consumer interaction. The mall can update multiple pieces of mall information at any time, allowing for great flexibility.


2.    Support for Customized Templates

Once the configuration is complete, the content can be published to digital signages, addressing the issue of being unable to change content promptly. It's possible to customize branch logos, branch visual images, branch names, operating hours, transportation options, and event updates according to specific needs. Consumers can also search for floors, categories, and stores based on their preferences, enabling them to quickly and efficiently select their preferred shopping routes. This significantly enhances the conversion rate of mall customers.


3.    Support for Custom Language Display

The Kiosk Touch Navigation offers mall administrators a user-friendly backend, including language management, to fulfill the demand for displaying multiple languages to cater to diverse international travelers' needs.

 Kiosk Touch Navigation offers an easy way to update mall information, reducing replacement costs. With its user-friendly touch navigation, it enables guests to access more venue information, enhancing brand value.

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