Voicer In-store Music Master


The store is open every day and music is played. Are you still repeating the same song every single day? Or play music randomly with the computer?


For department stores and brand stores, what kind of music is played? What time will it be released? How much volume is appropriate? Will it bring maximum benefit to department stores and brand stores?


Voicer cloud in-store music master is an overall solution for music in retail channel stores. It not only plays music, but also uploads music, records, or enters text and automatically converts it into voice. You can customize your own music library or audio broadcast anytime, anywhere. Learn about the unique functions of Voicer.


1.    Multi-store music & broadcast management and release

   Voicer In-store Music Master provides a simple operation background. The chain brand headquarters can set and manage music playlists in a unified way. It can be set to play different background music/broadcast messages on seven days a week to meet the needs of stores to play different music in different time periods.

Stores can be divided into areas, multi-level area settings are supported, and each area can be managed separately to meet the daily operational needs of stores. According to the brand, store type, playback content, etc., according to the actual needs, customize the attribute settings of the terminal, so that you can manage the store terminal more conveniently and intuitively.

Check the store name and online status in real time, check the current playback content of the terminal in real time, set a detailed playback plan, play the specified content at a specified time, support date, minute and second settings, and support weekly plan settings. After the setting is completed, the store will be updated in real time, according to the set plan play. At the same time, you can specify the time, play the radio according to the set rules, support the loop playback of N songs at intervals, and timed insertion and other functions, so that customers can resonate emotionally and increase consumption motivation.


2.    Improving the effectiveness of human resources management

 You can upload music independently, set playlists, upload new resources in the existing resource folder and implement one-click release, or directly set a new playlist to replace the current playlist on demand, and directly replace it in real time after the release is successful, which is simpler and more efficient Complete the update of all stores, avoid manual modification, USB and other traditional forms of music replacement, which bring unnecessary human resources burden, and better shape a unified and professional brand image.

Voicer In-store Music Master belongs to your store super BGM steward. Only store music can make customers relax and fully enjoy the atmosphere created by the shopping place. Once customers are willing to stay, there are opportunities for consumption everywhere.


To learn more about how the Voicer cloud audio public broadcast can become a super BGM steward of the store, register an account and start a trial immediately: https://www.kabob.io/tw/voicer/

If you have any questions, please contact us! KABOB Voicer In-store Music Master, waiting for you to experience.