Poor efficiency in-store queues? Tico GO helps improve your operational effectiveness!


Are you still struggling with crowded customers in front of your store's checkout counter, constantly asking, 'Is my order ready?

Is your store still using inefficient and cumbersome manual calling systems, leading to disorderly meal pickups and noisy front counters?

Tico GO Waiting Number System helps you quickly solve the issues of calling and picking up orders in your store. It provides a simple queuing system and multiple calling functions that can be easily implemented with mobile phones and tablets, allowing for personalized color themes.

1. TTS (Text-to-speech) Calling Support: Enter text in the web console and it will instantly convert it into voice announcements using Text-to-speech technology. Unlike traditional calling systems that can only announce numbers, our system allows for customizable text and messages, giving your calling system a unique touch.

2. Multi-Queue Calling Configuration: Set up different queue names according to your store's needs. Takeout, delivery, and dine-in orders are synchronized and displayed on digital boards, resolving issues of chaotic queues and confusion during deliveries.

3. Various Display Templates & Custom CSS Modules: Choose from multiple template options or customize CSS to meet your branding requirements. Once the order calling system is set up, it automatically generates a link that can be used with Lookr digital signage, allowing you to publish it on TV screens and present your brand image visually.

Tico GO Remote Control: It supports tablet/PC/mobile terminal devices. Staff can log in on tablets/PCs/mobile phones, enter the calling number, and the system will automatically announce the order. The voice announcements use real-time speech synthesis, saving labor costs. In case of missed orders, the system allows for repeat number calling. Staff can use the remote control to make calls, supporting multiple language options and file imports. It is fast, convenient, easy to learn, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. Personalized styles can be customized based on brands and scenarios, providing the best user experience for all stores.

To learn more about how Tico GO Pickup Call System optimizes store calling and improves service efficiency, register an account and start the trial now: https://www.kabob.io/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Tico GO Waiting Number System is waiting for you to experience it!