Easily Manage Your Digitized Store Operations - Lookr Cloud Digital Signage


As we walk down the street and pass by a storefront, we can easily see the products displayed on the shelves through the window (shoes, clothing), instantly knowing what this store is selling. However, many restaurants and retail businesses do not have transparent glass walls, and even if you walk into the store, if you don't see the ready-made dishes in front of you, you probably won't know what this store is selling. By using digital signage, it can help consumers quickly locate the products they need.

Compared to traditional lightbox posters with single functions and high prices, Lookr Cloud Digital Signage offers a high-cost-effective SaaS cloud service and tailor-made multiple service plans for retailers and chain operators. Depending on their different needs, they can choose the appropriate service plan, greatly reducing the threshold for introducing digital signage.

Lookr Cloud Digital Signage's featured functions help stores operate more efficiently.


  1. Diverse scheduling & content management publishing Diverse scheduling and playback settings solve different playback requirements in different scenarios and adapt to various formats. According to statistics, compared to traditional lightbox posters, Lookr Cloud Digital Signage can help customers save 60% of initial investment costs.
  2. Flexible setting of publishing and downloading time Save costs and flexibly utilize manpower to replace the content during time periods. There is more time to plan activity content, set diverse activity forms, and customize store publishing. After that, you can also set the time for downloading files to the device without worrying about large file content affecting store bandwidth. You can safely set the most suitable marketing method for the store.
  3. Overview of playback records Playback records are saved, and you can view the playback data page to clearly grasp the playback flow. Collect data and provide real-time feedback based on this data, making precise advertising and personalized service in public places possible.

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