Bobo Sync Menu Board Beginner Guide


Want to sync your menu board in real time?

Let’s learn how to create a customized sync menu board step by step.

1. Login with your account and password

2. Click “APPS”.

3. Click “Get” for Bobo Sync Menu Board

4. Click “Launch”

5. Click “+” to add

6. Enter Name and click “Save”

7. Click the pencil to edit

8. Advance Setting- Slide Timeout, Display Type, Show Color, Style

Product Management—Click “New” to add

9. Click the box to add product photo

10. Enter Name, Amount, Unit, Price. Click “New” to add more product.

11Click “Save”.

12. Animated Effect

Isn’t this easy? Try to create a customized sync menu board just for your store with Bobo!